Friday, January 30, 2009

Dance with my Father II (2Left feet)

Thank you Dad for being there.
It was nice to Dance with you last year
I've not been a poster boy for good behavior but you've been faithful
I didn't go to the movies but you saved me from the Armed robbers
Roof over my head, clothes on my back
A car to drive, Money to spend
For not letting me get burned in the stock exchange crash
Good health, Globe trotting
Good friends, my family...I still got issues with my Pops, (Lord help me)
Thanks for life
Thanks for Love... even them lying conniving psychotic B*** That give love a bad name
Thanks for divine protection
and even for those who've done me wrong...
For dumb gun wielding retards with very bad aim.
For the muppets who vandalized my Car back in Uni.
For the person that stole my Ready to die and reasonable doubt CD
For the Kora guy that bounced me from Proflex Gym.
For keeping me off the Alcohol since "99
Thanks lord for the Good memories also.
For that magical time as a kid.
for Obelix and Asterix
For TIN TIN and Captain Haddock, for Veronica and betty
Archie and Jughead, famous five and secret 7.
for Dancing with you second time around.
For making me hot like fiya. 32 Summers and counting.
For this quirky post.