Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There’s only one King.
Seen the Movie twice. Bought the bootleg, seen it thrice
Genius at it’s best.12 years down, Brighter than a zillion watt light bulb
Lyrics like you call ‘em
Metaphors that make you wake up with chills down your spine.
The Swag, Haters wondering how the fcuk does he do it?
Made them Dirty haters go get a fresh, crisp shirt
All the Catfights for you, Faye, Kimberly, Charli Baltimore…
All the guys claiming the Best friend title.
Guys who didn’t even get featured in the movie.
I guess there’s so long a script can get lol.
All the people you inspired lyrically. ME.
God Bless your Moms and your 2 kids.
There’s only one King of New York
There’s only one Christopher Wallace.
Only one Big Poppa.