Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dance with my Father

For all those times I didn’t know you and you were still there watching me
For all those times I called you a concept and you still smiled
For all those times I called those who knew you Muppets and you didn’t get mad
For making the effort to get my attention when I needed you most
For being Daddy to me when Pops zoomed off
For telling me everything is gonna be okay
For all those times when I lacked and you said “Stay down Son” Just a while longer
Then turning around and blessing my socks off.
For all those long conversations in the a.m…
Then I’ll walk around the whole day glowing
Feeling I can walk on Water, Walk through Walls, maybe even Fly kick anyone who looks at me funny…okay, maybe not.
For your Sense of Humour
Giving me things I don’t deserve, I swear I can hear you laughing when their Jaws drop and they turn Green with envy. ...Like Cucumbers
For taking out time from Darfur and the Middle East Crises and Iraq and all the other Donuts killing each other to remind me about little things like eating right, taking my Vitamins, eating fruits and Veggies …I still don’t like Cucumbers
For spoiling me silly.
For your protection all the time and keeping me from getting roughed up or worse even though I’ve got a motor mouth.
For pulling out all the stops when I do get into trouble. You come get me out just like the movies.
For still being you even when I turn my back from you
For the times I disobeyed your specific instructions …. of course I always have a better idea silly me.
For being there when I come running back to you after I’ve gotten burnt
For showing me the difference between things I should pray about and things I should Man up and go do by my own dzammed self.
For telling me to read my “User’s Manual” for how to make ME work. Not just on Sundays in church.
For this special relationship we have.
For seeing me through to my 31st Birthday.
For being my Daddy.
And if you didn't know by now, i'm talking about my Heavenly Daddy.
Thank you Jesus.

Friday, January 25, 2008


25 Days into the New year and it’s my first post. I’m so irresponsible. Someborry please go get Koboko.(Horse Whip) I’ve turned my Butt. Already. Yeah! Right there. …Yeah baby .I’ve been a naughty Boy lol.

I took a well deserved holiday over the Christmas period even though I was initially as Broke as the United States (ouch!!!). God came through for me as he always does….
I’m a sinful mofo but he still loves me to bits.
Lot’s of things happened in December. Good times, not so good times, so basically most of the time I’m deliriously happy and on some rare nights I cry. Shio! Sorry Mr. Macho who no dey cry. Abeg make I hear word. Anyway sha all in all it’s been all good.

January has been, well, January. Everyone’s broke, Everywhere is dusty. The dust is doing me head in. It’s everywhere, I taste it on my tongue when I talk, you get to dust your house three times a day, wash your car in as many times or else it’ll look like you just came through the Dakar Rally or something. Visibility is poor at night, long story short I hate the Harmattan. And all of ya’ll talking about the coolness go get some Air-conditioning or something. Jeez.

Is it me or is Blogville getting emptier by the day? I guess people got bored of the whole thing.

The Naija match is today. After getting trashed by Drogba’s boys should I even bother watching tonight’s match? Or should I retreat into the fantasy world of Fifa 08? (Thanks Lil for the upgrade. 08 “Be a player” Rawks.). Or maybe I should just get some much needed R&R, Listen to music.
The Jay Z Album American Gangster is pure dope. Grown ass Joint. I find myself listening to the whole joint without skipping a track. Well, okay maybe “Hello Brooklyn” with Weezy was a bit ehm.. Asthmatic lol but a very solid Album all the same.

My girl Mary J’s Growing pains is a Solid “must listen to” Album too. She’s happier on this Joint and sometimes it’s crossover-ish with some tracks reminding me of “One”.(Which was pretty decent too). Especially “Peace” which sounds quite Sub-Urban White without a trace of the New-York Projects….except you listen hard lol. Solid song tho’.
My all round fav in this joint is “Stay Down”. It’s easily the best song in this Album and it sounds even better when you’re driving at night. Seriously!!! I no dey joke. If you’re over 25 you’ll love this track. Unless you’re in a bad situ like 36 inches( I love you girl. Keep your head up).
Weezy’s Album is over-rated. Kanye’s is Solid, Common is Solid, 50 cents is trash.(I threw the mofo out my window. Thank God I copped the Bootleg.)

How about Some Catholic Nuns running a charity. They go from Company to company collecting donations for under-privileged kids at Christmas. Turns out the whole thing was a damned scam. I shouldn’t go there right? But na bad thing now.
What kind of Nun wears Authentic Mahnolo Blahnik Slippers anyway?
There. I’ve said it. So R you can kiss my chocolate flavored ass lol…