Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Andy Gray

Okay, so Sky Sports suck for Firing Andy Gray. Andy no doubts is an Asshole but he's a particularly obnoxious yet endearing sort of Asshole at least to me. He represents realness in a world full of BS.

It was kina low firing a top pundit over some off the cuff banter about some woman Linesman but the dude and (Richard Keys)thought they were off air. Is there a Man her who wouldn't say some stoopid shh about some woman running...sorry sashaying up and down the touchline waving a flag? especially if you are with a few of your mates? Show of hands please.

I didn't think she'd make a good assistant referee either (I wonder why they had to change their names from "Linesman" just to accommodate the damned feminists)
Anywhoo, Andy's gone they'll probably axe his FIFA EA Sport gig too I'll miss that even though he talks a lot of smack, but hey life goes on.
Take a bow Son and i mean that. Take a bow.