Thursday, September 30, 2010

When the Oil stops to flow

What happens when the Oil runs dry, or a sustainable, cheaper, cleaner alternative shows up?
Too late to rely on taxes because all the Industries have moved shop elsewhere since there was no Power.Meannwhile we flare Gas round the clock cause we have no Idea what to do with it.

No Infrastructure, Kleptocracy on a different level, citizens very poorly educated, and no idea how to generate revenue since the oil’s dried up.
No transparency, so no foreign Investments coming in. and Jack all has been done for the past 50 years. Just a bunch of over bloated Illiterate egos praying in Church for Blessings whilst the Pastors live smoothly in relative Jungle bliss in their Bentleys and Private Jets.

It’s happened before in Bahrain, their Oil ran out, but they chose to turn their country around and today it’s a Financial hotspot.

Indonesia kicked out a Corrupt Leader and they decided as a country to turn their fortunes around. Hungary, Albania they get honorable mention too.

Most people don’t know the danger ahead. What’s the hope for the future when your kids get these sort of half baked education and kids all over the world are benefiting from an increase in the level and quality of education. Better believe it your kids will have to compete with other employees all over the world. We’ve moved into an age of out-sourcing and off shoring. The competition is going to get really tough. Heck it’s tough enough as we speak. The Asians are already doing things better for a fraction of the price and they are in a continuous state of self and collective improvement.
Congratulations Nigeria at 50.

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Anonymous said...

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