Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Happy New Year Ya'll.
Yup it's my first post this year. What you want to do sue me? Shio!
If the thing pepper you catch me on Facebook.

If i ain't your friend on FB quick tip ladies...those pix with the titties pushed out don't work no more. Ya'll gotta switch your game. Hair done right, make up game tight, and please wear a smile. and did i say no titties out? Lol Hehehe.

Weekdays: Just up on my hustle and grind. Weekends: Dodging raindrops, Lounging on the Deck chairs at the Rehab Poolside, Sunshades on, weather hot, drinks cold, very long things, very short Bikinis, red light flashing on the little Bold 2, I got people watching people so i don't go broke.

Who got next? Te toca a ti.

What's up with ya'll how you living? Holla at your Boy. Hasta luego.


Anonymous said...

oya, ring bell for me!!
you see my threats dey work,if you no update more often,i go spill my own beans o!
You have been warned.

Anonymous said...

it's me again.
you be bad guy!!
see word.
you should do this more often.
big up 2 you..

Anonymous said...

I thot u were almost married. what happened? Naija boys with all ur games. God help us all.